Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is fall?

We have had some really warm weather for October! I am not trying to complain, I am just really wanting to wear sweatshirts and sweaters and switch my wardrobe out and reorganize my closet! :)

Last Sunday it was particularly beautiful. We headed to Ames with Eric and Kelli for a fun afternoon! We started out at Black Market Pizza to enjoy some grub. We watched the "Des Moines" episode of Man Vs. Food on the Travel channel and it highlighted this pizza joint for it's fancy specialty pizza pies. Here is a link to the guide for the Des Moines episode. The pizza was really fabulous!

Then we headed to a disc golf course near ISU. It was Kelli's and my first time disc golfing. I'd say our skills were... terrible. The boys had some good laughs at a few of our tosses. It was just a fun day to enjoy outside!


  1. I like the warm weather! I'm hoping it stays!

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    a little bit sad, but beautiful time of year

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