Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jed! (Again!)

Now that Emily has updated her blog, I can finally share my EXTREME, border-line crazy enthusiasm about our new niece who was born on Monday! She's a little Florida baby and her name is Claire Elizabeth. Here is a picture of her...
I may be SLIGHTLY biased but I think she is totally perfect and incredibly beautiful! Emily was a real trooper, especially the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy. Claire was finally 'evicted' and came into the world weighing 8 lb 13 0z. YIKES. But, look at that face! So precious. Here's another precious photog...
Jed and I are going to visit in Florida next week and I could not be more excited (for 2 days off school). I'm looking forward to quality time with my husband, and meeting my precious niece. And it's Florida... shucks! :)


  1. Yeah!!! I thought babies weren't that cute right away, but she is CUTE!

  2. Yay! Go ahead and spoil her like crazy! :)