Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jed strikes again

If we've learned anything from a seventeen hour road trip, it's this. When you arrive in a state (Florida) that has seventy degree temperatures and sunshine, it's worth the three hour drive through desolate Mississippi (a state we're avoiding on the return trip). I'd add some pictures, but I've decided to let your imaginations run wild. I'm pretty convinced that the only reason Mississippi exists is to give truckers another state that they can tell other truckers they drove through. Seriously though, who designs an interstate that has three exits over a 200 mile stretch? When none of them are rest stops? I mean, not that I'd have wanted to stop at any if there were, as all I saw in the state was a van from California that would literally pass us at 100 miles per hour, only to be pulled over on the side of the road in 10 miles and then to pass us again 10 min later. At this point, I'm pretty conviced that the driver was either suffering from narcolepsy or would become paralyzed with fear from the dead werewolf looking things and the pieces of blown tires on the side of the road. I mean, I could have imagined all of this as it did mark my 22nd hour of being awake, but I'm pretty convinced that both of them were real. As for the driver in the van from California, I'm pretty convinced, based upon stops and starts, had a pretty serious love/hate relationship with the state.

Back to the point. This marks my first ever trip to Florida, and however brief, certainly was worth the hype. Everyone drives just as crazy as I thought they would, there are alligators and the Chevy HHR is the most poorly designed vehicle I've ever encountered. The most import thing that I've learned though, is that newborn babies do the same thing, no matter the state or time of day. They even seem to be oblivious of weather changes, temperature or anything that you may be saying to them... They are cute though, whether they're pooping or not.

Can't wait for the trip back. Hopefully, we'll have a few more dead werewolf sightings and be able to grab a picture this time. Also, we've figured out how to work the sweet back wiper that cleans almost half the window.... As of now, it looks like we'll still be married when we get back :)

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