Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy birthday Emily!

Today is my little sister's 24th birthday! She is my little sister, but she's not very little in a few ways ...
1. She's taller than me.

2. She has a not-so-little belly because she's having a BABY!

I love my sister a lot. I found myself getting a little home sick today just thinking about Em and it being her birthday and the fact that she lives in FLORIDA so neither of us are even close to home... But we will be in Minnesota soon for her baby shower!

The final way in which Emily is not little but actually I would say HUGE is... her heart! Her big heart is the only way that I can explain how in the world the following picture happened... :) I have no idea when during the wedding reception this happened or why it happened, but it makes me smile and laugh.

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  1. Thank you so much for using the least flattering pictures of me that you could find. :)