Friday, October 24, 2014

Best Buddies

Maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones or maybe it's reality but I feel like Lainey and Wyatt have reached a new level of sibling-ship in the past few months that has been so precious to watch.  I remember a few other moms with kids really close in age telling me, the first couple years are hard but then, it's so great.  There is the struggle of learning to share, there's learning how to wait for needs or wants to be met, there's all of that.... but they have each other.  Lainey was so young when Wyatt came along that she too will never know life without her brother, just like he'll always know life with his sis.  I feel like I've gotten pictures of some really fun moments that needed shared...
It's monkey see, monkey do... ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Usually Lainey is the instigator but sometimes it's Wyatt.  Like here, yelling, screaming, singing at the dinner table.  

They are  really affectionate with one another, a lot of times without being prompted.  Precious.

They may be best buddies but they certainly have different taste buds.  Wyatt loves sweets (like his mom).  Lainey will eat a few bites and be done.

The pajama band!

Miraculously, they can even share the iPad.

One of their favorite places to hang out is in Lainey's room.  Lainey always "reads" Wyatt one bedtime story before they go their separate ways.  We aren't sure if we'll have them share a room sometime in the future or not... it kind of depends on if this little lady coming is a good sleeper or not.  Wyatt is SUCH a good sleeper that I don't want to put them together and have Lainey ruin it for him.  She literally sleeps a good 2-4 hours less per night than he does.  It's crazy.

Snuggles!  Even my 31 week bump showed up in this one!

Thankful that God chose to surprise us with these two so close in age.  I'm sure as time goes on some things will get harder and some will get sweeter and sweeter.  Love being their mom!

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