Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Last Hurrah

We spent many, many glorious mornings at the splash park this summer.  If it's hot and sunny, my ideal spot is near the water.  Most of these pictures look pretty similar but I thought since we spent at least one morning a week at a splash park, I better devote a whole blog post to it as an ode to our summer.  It wasn't an overly hot summer but we managed to still get there pretty often.
Lainey love love LOVES the water.  Wyatt... not so much.  Many mornings I'd spend more time following around a wandering Wyatt, or appeasing him with another snack.  Sometimes he'd play in the water and be content, but not too often.  You might think this would hinder me from taking them, but no.  Summer is too short to not enjoy some water play time!

We planned one final splash park outing for a forecasted 90 degree sunny day in early September.  It did not disappoint.  It might be my favorite splash park day of the summer.
This happened.  Which was hilarious and reminiscent of the Wyatt we knew last summer.  I was actually a little concerned this particular morning because Wy woke up earlier than normal (and by that I mean before 8) and I wasn't sure he'd last very long, especially since he doesn't have a lot of patience for the splash park to begin with.  But low and behold, I pulled in the parking lot, parked, unloaded the stroller and all of our junk, then Lainey and went to get Wyatt and he was asleep!  He miraculously transferred from car seat to stroller and proceeded to take a good 30-40 minute nap.  This meant we lasted a lot longer than I anticipated which was great!

We enjoyed the company of many friends and familiar faces (even our dentist!) and had a great time.  But now, it's truly time to retire the swim suits (since my belly no longer fits in to mine anyway!) and pack away the sunscreen and water squirters.  Thankful that I was able to enjoy so many summer mornings at the splash park with my kids and our friends.
Until next summer!

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