Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's a....

We had our anatomy scan ultrasound last week for sweet junior Johnson #3 (I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that we're going to have 3 kids soon...).  Usually this is scheduled around 20 weeks but I had to wait until 22 weeks just based on how my appointments landed this go around.  TORTURE!
I went in to the past month or so not sure whether or not I wanted to know the gender.  We loved the surprise with Lainey.  We loved knowing the gender with Wyatt.  We have one boy and one girl so essentially we have what we need clothing and supplies wise.  I was really adamant early on in the pregnancy that I didn't want to know.  But then, I kept going back and forth, back and forth...
Jed however, was not even close to being on the fence about knowing the gender.  He wanted to know.  Bad.  But since I'm the one carrying and birthing the baby, he said I got to make the final call.
But, my sister wanted to know.  My friends wanted to know.  And Lainey had her heart set on a baby girl.  That was my real deciding factor.  I realize she probably would have been totally fine either way but I thought it might be beneficial if, in the event that it was a boy, we had some time to prepare her.
So, we dropped Wyatt off at a friend's house (thanks again Allison) and Lainey joined us for the big appointment.  I've never been one to want to find out in that little ultrasound room... seems not as exciting, so we devised a plan.  We'd have the tech write it on a sheet of paper and put in an envelope.  Then, I'd part ways with Jed and Lainey after the appointment and they could open the envelope to find out first, then go pick out a blue or pink surprise.
So, they headed to Target and Jed let Lainey pick out some new bows for her baby sister!!!  She walked in the door after they got home and proudly declared, before I could open the bag, that they bought new bows!  So cute!
She's thrilled.  We're all very excited.  Wyatt has no idea but he's soooooo sweet with baby dolls and every time we get to spend time with the little babies in our community group, he does seem to gravitate towards them so I know he'll be a great big bro.
Like I said, we mostly have what we need but the seasons don't exactly match up since Lainey was a summer baby so I hit up a sweet consignment sale last weekend and stocked up on some fleece jammies and these adorable items...
Since we didn't know the gender when I was pregnant with Lainey, I've never really gotten to shop for sweet itty bitty teeny tiny baby girl clothes!  Talk about fun!
Excited to meet our baby girl in December.  Now to figure out her name...!

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