Friday, May 16, 2014

Racing shoes

Jed is training for the half marathon, Dam to Dam, coming up at the end of May and has been logging lots of running time.  Some of his co-workers are also training and decided to run a 5K in Johnston at ChildServe a few weeks before their big race.  Our good friend Tim joined in too so it was another Johnson and Laehn family excursion.
Lainey and Penelope got to ride along for the 5K!
While the moms and the boys ate pancakes.  Sounds about right.
Jed pushed the girls for the first half and Tim took over for the second half.  Jed's competitive side came out in full force at the very end of the race as he kicked it into high gear to pass his co-workers.
Jed's co-worker Matt and Tim with the jogging stroller were close behind!
Pancakes for everyone!
Then it was time for the kids races!  The girls got to decorate their own race labels!
Here's their warm up before the big race.
At the starting line!

Lainey's competitive streak also came out as she totally left her best friend in the dust.  Sorry, P.  And I'm also sorry for my annoying voice and laugh.  It was just about the funniest thing ever.  Half of the kids had no idea what was going on.
So proud of their hard earned medals!

It was a really fun family morning and good to be supporting a great cause that helps the special needs population of the community so well!

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