Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New Normal

Moving.  Sigh.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that has happened in the past week and a half.

I don't want to seem ungrateful because I am INCREDIBLY thankful that a) our house sold in 2 weeks, b) we found a new house we love and c) the Lord really came through and provided each step of the way...

But moving... packing, purging, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning ON TOP of caring for the normal every day needs of 2 little ones is a daunting task.

I'm beyond relieved to be on the other side of things now and finding our new normal here in our new house, new neighborhood, and new side of town.

The moving part itself went beautifully.  We have the best community group EVER and many of them graciously gave up two evenings in a row to help us both pack a moving truck and unload that moving truck the next night.
And that kind of hard work deserves some pizza!

The kitchen was the first to be unpacked, because, let's face it.  You can't cook and therefore can't eat when your kitchen looks like this...

Crazy the difference a few days makes.  Making spaghetti is even fun in a pretty, new kitchen! :)

Other than the kitchen, we've been slowly working in the other rooms.  It has been kind of funny to observe the kids (and Simon) in a new place ... new places to hide and explore, new places to climb and fall and get back up.

And we are ALL loving our deck!

 Thankful for our new home and more importantly, the ones I share it with!


  1. I feel you my friend!! So much work but worth it i suppose :)

  2. Your place is awesome!! I can't wait to see more pictures!! Congrats! I'm glad that at least most of it is behind you now!