Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big stuff

Life with little kids means things are constantly changing.  When Lainey was younger I kept waiting for total consistency, with eating, napping, etc. but I soon learned that wasn't necessarily a reasonable expectation.  It felt like every time we got in a good rhythm, she'd pop another tooth or start standing in her crib, or....whatever. Their little minds and bodies are always growing and changing.  Loving and teaching Lainey will always be somewhat of a mystery to us since she's the oldest, but with Wyatt is has been really fun to anticipate these new seasons and enjoy them too!

Lots of big stuff and changes going on this summer around here...
We have transitioned Lainey to a toddler bed.  We had planned on waiting until the move but last week, nap time in her crib was met with much resistance so I thought maybe that was a sign she was ready AND I was hoping maybe the novelty of the new bed would give her some incentive...  It is going pretty well.  It could be much, much worse but it is definitely a challenge (at least with nap time).  I think she just looks so big in that bed!  Can't believe she's almost 2.
There has only been one day so far that she didn't take a nap in her new bed and you're looking at it.  She fell asleep on our way to a home warranty meeting with the builder of our new house and slept like that on her Dad the entire time.  We are getting soooooooo excited to move into our new house!
These two pictures don't really represent any big changes or things going on, they're just cute.  So enjoy. :)
Wyatt has 4 teeth!  I think a baby's whole face and smile change SO much when they get teeth.  I kind of feel like I don't have a little baby anymore!!  He's loving his chompers and getting to try more table foods, and obviously he loves to show off his cheesy smile!
I think Wyatt looks soooo big in this picture.  We have been making way too many trips to Target lately getting ready for the move.  Luckily, my kids are great shoppers so they don't mind in the least.
I love this little guy.  He is loving his new found mobility...

Can't believe my baby is crawling!  Thanks Wyatt... just in time to really help with this whole packing and moving process! :)

I love loving my family through all of these new changes and adventures.  It is so fun to watch kids grow up!

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