Sunday, August 11, 2013

Farewell to 47th Street

Moving day is just around the corner and tonight is our last night in our first home.  A lot of people have asked me if I'm excited or sad, what I'm most looking forward to or what we'll miss most, etc.  The truth is, while we really can barely fit in this house for one more day, there are so many I'll miss and so many reasons I am feeling rather nostalgic about moving tomorrow.  I'm incredibly sentimental.  I really just realized this while we were de-cluttering and packing for the move.  If you've ever written me a card or if I have any kind of photographic record of knowing you, I probably kept it (at least, I DID until these last few weeks).  Since I am so sentimental, I've been really reflecting on some of our most memorable moments from the past 3+ years living here on 47th Street...
[warning...picture heavy post...]

Jed climbing up on the roof by standing on top of the garbage can and 3 bags of mulch...makes sense!

Kitchen updates round #1

Bringing home Simon!

Pulling up carpet to reveal hardwood floors

Leaving our house the day Lainey was born!

Decorating a nursery was pretty fun...

Lots of family pictures in the yard...

Celebrating Lainey's 1st birthday in our backyard

This might be my favorite house related picture from the past 3 years.

Bringing home Wyatt and snuggling my babies in my warm, cozy house was pretty special.

Fireplace paint redo

Wyatt's 1st Christmas, our first as a family of 4, was fun because we celebrated here at home for the first time.

Wyatt falling asleep all over the living room all of the time for the first 4 months of his life.

Lainey's 1st Easter egg hunt in the yard.

Lots of sandbox fun this summer

Puddle jumping

We bought this home just before we were married.  We opened our wedding gifts here the morning after our wedding.  We came home from our honeymoon to this home.  We hosted lots of friends and family and shared many meals in this teeny tiny home.  We shared 1 bathroom for 3 years,  I did dishes by hand for 3 years, and I lugged laundry up and down awkward stairs from our dungeon basement for 3 years.  We brought home 2 precious babies into this 2 bedroom home.   We enjoyed countless walks in our beautiful neighborhood.  We planted flowers and gardens and painted walls and cabinets.

It makes me a little sad to know that neither Lainey or Wyatt will have any memories of this house, aside from looking at pictures (and obviously, there's plenty of those!).  But when they grow up a bit, maybe we will drive by and check on our first home and tell them stories about what a wonderful place it was for them to start their little lives.

Farewell 47th Street!  It's been a blessing to live here and start our family together in this little house.

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  1. For some reason, that post alllllllmost made me want to tear up. Almost. It made me never want to leave our house, though! But, I'm sure after you post about your new house and how amazing it is, then I'll be open to moving (someday). Here's to the next chapter for you guys!!

    Oh, and Wyatt is out of control cute.