Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lainey Quotes

This is more for my memory than anything else but Lainey has us just rolling with her vocabulary and phrases sometimes these days...  She has quite the personality and the words to go with it.  She is sweet and POLITE, always saying please, and has something to say for everything.  The connections she makes are crazy, making sense of situations and things that happened days, weeks or months ago.  The girl really is constantly talking and often times in totally grammatically correct and complete sentences, which I think is pretty impressive for still being shy of 2.

Some of her most popular phrases are:
"I do by myself please" (love this one...)
"I need snack please"
"I got you Mommy!"
"Love you too!"
"I need hug first please"
"I go 2 stores, Target and HyVee!"

Here are a few funny videos...

Lainey really has the right idea here!

This one is from awhile ago in May, but too cute not to share...

Just a normal conversation.  She is just a chatty Cathy!

Love my smart and chatty girl!

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