Monday, April 22, 2013

Phone photo dump (april-ish)

A random assortment of random pictures from my phone...  
so many sweet moments to capture!
Whenever they get this close for more than 5 seconds without needing assistance, I run for my phone or camera.
He is just really, really sweet.  All.  Of.  The. Time.
Dressing a boy is REALLY fun.  Looking spiffy in his church clothes.
Playing with toys is really hard.  Such concentration!
She's become a big fan of drinking her cereal milk after she's done with her Cheerios.  It's hilarious and usually ends up a mess but we don't cry over spilled milk around here!
Smiley Wy!  We are loving watching his personality emerge.  He is SO happy, SO easy going and SO sweet.
We enjoyed a way too quick weekend with my parents this past weekend.  Lainey took her Papa on a walk up and down the street.  Too cute.
Checking out her library loot from last week the very minute we got home.
I love him.
This is Lainey's current favorite puzzle.  She calls it her "AB's" ... She can probably recognize and say 10-15 letters depending on the day, thanks to this puzzle, some ABC cards and a few apps we have in the iPad.  If you ask her to sing her ABC's she'll sing, "A...B...C..." and that's it.  It's pretty funny.  Today she did recite, "A, B, C, D, E, G" in order, but she left out the F.  I know I was a teacher for 4 years, but teaching her things like this is way different compared to long division and reading comprehension strategies.  It's so funny to try and teach someone something that is so second nature to us, like the alphabet.  It's really fun to watch her learn and remember things.
Sometimes, I've got to pull out my big guns and that means suckers.  You gotta do, what you gotta do sometimes.

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