Friday, November 9, 2012

Lainey, the big sister

[I will post about Wyatt's birth day and share lots more pictures soon but I wanted to get some thoughts down about and for our sweet Lainey right now while it was fresh in my sleep deprived, mother of a newborn mind...  Warning: this might get sappy.  I blame the hormones.]


YOU are a big sister now!  Without knowing it or understanding it at all, your entire world has just been beautifully rocked.  Your brother was just born a week shy of your 15 month birthday.  My heart was honestly heavy in many ways in the days leading up to November 6th, feeling all kinds of emotions about how our family was about to change.

The day before your brother was born I made sure to fill our day with lots of your favorite things.  We had waffles for breakfast.  We went to Book Babies at the library.  You actually had your "best" story time experience so far.  The class was smaller than normal and you were loving the extra space to roam but you actually sat down in my lap a few different times to watch the teacher.  After that, we met your Dad at the mall for lunch and you took a rock star nap in the afternoon.  I was actually kind of sad you slept so long and so well because I was already starting to mourn the "just you and me" moments we had left.  We had an extra sweet bedtime too with lots of snuggles.  It was a really great day.

We dropped you off the next morning at a friend's house on our way to the hospital and I didn't get to see you for about 12 hours.  That was the longest I think I had ever been away from you!  You were in good hands and had a great time with your best friend all day.  Your brother was born early evening and your dad really, really wanted you to meet him as soon as possible.  You visited us in the hospital that night but you were pushing bedtime and had had a jam packed big day so you weren't super interested in what was going on and you weren't really sure what to think about your mom sitting in a hospital bed.  

The next day when you returned, you really owned your new role as "Best Big Sis."  I wish I would have counted how many times we heard you say "bay" (baby) as you pointed at your new brother.  We got you a big sister present to open in the hospital and the first think you did was share it with Wyatt.  Precious.  You spent a few hours with us over the course of two visits during the day and your attitude towards your brother only got sweeter.

Our first night at home and our first full day together as a family of 4 could not have gone any better.  You love to point out his toes and his nose.  You love to pet his head.  You love to share your toys with him and you've already learned to place them near his hands (rather than his face :).  You love to throw away his diapers and bring him his pacifier.  And at the same time, you are still as busy and independent as ever.  Even more so maybe than you were before he came.

I'm not naive.  I know we have a lot of challenges and sibling type struggles that will come our way but I so badly wish I could just bottle up the pure sweetness and joy of the past few hours and days with you being a new big sister.  I can tell you are really going to love your little brother.

I'm really thankful that God has given us you and now Wyatt and that the two of you get to grow up together.  We are so, so, so blessed.


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  1. Aww Sarah, this was so sweet to read! Made me teary-eyed :) You are such a good mom to treasure all these moments AND to write them down. Blessings to you!