Friday, October 26, 2012

Dressing up!

Tis the season... for dressing up!  I am not really the biggest fan of Halloween... I love fall, but not so much Halloween, I just think it's kind of silly.  I do however, have a husband and now a daughter who enjoy dressing up and all of the silly-ness that it involves.  Also, Jed's work has a trick or treating event for the office kids which is a pretty big to-do!

I found this costume at a thrift sale for a QUARTER a long, long time ago.  I actually never looked at it very close and I always thought it was a bunny costume.  Turns out, it's a kitty cat.  Meh, doesn't really matter either way.  Kids are cute in full body costumes no matter what.  Want proof?

Tough to get her to focus ... there was so much going on in the office!  So many kids!  So many costumes!  So much candy!

She's way too fast for the camera!

"Oooooh... what do we have here?"

A comparison to our little leopard last year at Jed's office Halloween and our kitty cat this year!  Kind of ironic that she's been dressed as a feline for 2 years in a row and we are definitely more of a dog family but she's oh so cute no matter what.

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