Thursday, October 18, 2012

14 months and other randoms...

It's been awhile since I blogged ... please forgive me but things have been a bit crazy around here and they are about to get even crazier (and sweeter too) I'm sure...!

Lainey turned 14 months old the other day, which in it of itself isn't super exciting but the 12th still comes and goes and I get to reflect on what she's learning and how she's changing from month to month.  She is certainly keeping me on my toes!  She's still loving things like dogs (her real dog, stuffed animals, dogs in books, dogs outside, etc.), her milk cup, her Daddy, bath time and more.  She's also acquired a new word... the word "no!"  This makes things oh so very interesting.  The girl knows what she wants and what she doesn't want.  For example, up until last week Lainey enjoyed a half sandwich... ham, turkey or peanut butter... every once in awhile for lunch or dinner.  All of the sudden, she'd no longer touch them, like she was scared of bread or something.  It was so odd.  The last few days, we've discovered she's gotten really good with eating utensils so today at lunch I made her a peanut butter sandwich, cut it up into little pieces and gave her a fork.  She went to town!  I have a feeling this isn't the last preference we'll discover and over come during the toddler years!

Some other random 14 month old happenings...

 She also loves to eat snacks right out of the box.  She looked so adorable and so guilty eating these animal crackers, I couldn't help but snap a few pics.  (That and her Auntie Em had been hounding me for some new Lainey pics :)

Another little fall excursion...

My view these days of my 2 kids

 I'm love, love, LOVING her curls in the back of her cute little head.

We went to Book Babies again today and played in the play area for awhile afterward.  This girl really has no fear and took off for the empty reading room after awhile and found the fancy library lady's chair.

Daddy had Lainey giggling pretty hard tonight.  Apparently, the word "Bam!" is hilarious.

In his proven fashion, little mister doesn't let us forget his presence too often.  After a really, really busy weekend a week and a half ago. I went to bed Sunday night extremely uncomfortable but figured I was just exhausted from the busy-ness. Long story short, I was just shy of 35 weeks and I woke up in the middle of the night with lots of contractions, called the Dr, went to the hospital at 4 am (huge thank you to Kelli Rolfes for coming over in the middle of the night and taking such great care of Lainey [and Simon]), contracted for about 6 hours, was given a shot to calm the contractions and never progressed past 2-3 cm dilated, got sent home, contractions came back, went back to the hospital and got sent home again.  At that point, I think my body was so exhausted from only sleeping for 2 hours that it just gave up and decided not to have a baby.  Which I was very thankful for for several reasons -- the baby may have needed some help since he would have been so early, I was not really ready around the house, the Dr on call that day was not one of my favorites, etc.  I've been having contractions the past 2 weeks but nothing near as consistent or strong as that day.  So we're just waiting, as patiently as possible for the real thing!
The one positive thing about that whole experience was getting another glimpse of our boy in another ultrasound and even seeing him in 3D!  Apparently, I am very good at growing very large babies and according to the ultrasound tech, he is measuring 2 weeks ahead and was estimated that day at already being 6 lb 12 oz.  Holy.  Moly.

Another reason I haven't taken pictures or blogged in the past few weeks is that I got hit with the flu a few days after that whole early labor fiasco.  Yeah.  Awesome.  I have never felt so sick in my entire life.  Thankfully, the worst of it passed quickly and I only felt moderately icky for a few days after.  Also, my extra great husband was able to take a day and a half off of work because I was completely unable to function.  Due to my severe headache and fever, I not only had a follow up visit to the OB after everything from Monday on Wednesday, but Thursday went back to the doctor since the flu can be extra hard on very pregnant women and they wanted to make sure the babe was doing okay.  Phew.

Needless to say, my goal this week has been to not rack up any more medical bills and so far, I've been successful.

October days are passing quickly and I guess little man could really come any time, and as uncomfortable as I am and as physically ready as I am for him to arrive, I am also trying to cherish and soak up my last few days with my big girl and enjoy my family of 3.  I know life will never quite be the same once he arrives, which we're REALLY looking forward to but also I know realistically, it will be quite the transition for us all.  So very thankful for God blessing our family in so many ways, especially  with health and LIFE!

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