Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Days...

I could hardly believe it this morning when I looked at the date and it read AUGUST 1st!  AUGUST!  Where did July go?!  If you live in Iowa and you're anything like me (a serious wimp about the heat AND pregnant) then you also spent a lot of time indoors during the month of July.  The record high temperatures were about driving me batty.  One day it was LITERALLY the hottest day of my life, the hottest day on record since 1983.  We've been cooped up quite a bit - not exactly how I imagined spending the majority of the summer but thankfully, Lainey isn't too demanding about where and how she plays and isn't really mobile enough to REALLY enjoy the outdoors. 

Here are a few Instagram pics of what we've were up to this last month....
We spent A LOT of time on our front porch in July watching cars and waiting patiently for Daddy to come home!

Some days we beat the heat at Target!

I feel like this picture shows just how steamy some of our trips to the splash park were.  Since the water is so shallow, it stays pretty warm when the temps are 100+ for so many days in a row.

USA! USA!  I officially have Olympic fever!  I don't know why I love it so much, I just do.  I VIVIDLY remember watching the women's gymnastics team win gold in 1996 and watching them earn the gold last night was SO exciting to me!

The heat FINALLY broke a bit and we've been able to enjoy some blanket time in the front yard again!

Miss Lainey is SO close to walking on her own.  She sure loves scooting around pushing her stroller.

We've also been working on saying lots of new words and pointing out different things since we've been inside so much this month and she is really catching on to a few things.  Here is a video of her doing some extra cute and adorable stuff...

I wish I had a good picture of Lainey with Simon because these two are A-DOR-A-BLE together.  If you've ever met Simon, you know he has A LOT of energy and can be pretty wild.  He is SO patient and gentle with Lainey, it's truly amazing.  And it's a good thing because she is a bit rough and tough with him because she just loooooooves him so much.  I should really count how many times a day I hear her say "dog" or  "Hiiiii dog!"  She really tries to play with him and pet him and always shares her snacks with him, which he is more than happy to accept.

Since August is actually here that means we are about to celebrate a certain someone's FIRST birthday!  WOW!

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