Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fair time!

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Iowa State Fair for EXTREME Sunday.  I'm not sure why they call it that but that will forever be the day we go to the fair, since admission is half price and footlong corn dogs are *only* $5 instead of $6 :)  Last year, I was a little bit busy having a baby, staying in the hospital and then figuring out life as a new mom so this was my first trip to the fair in a few years.  And, it was Lainey's first trip EVER.  It was an eventful day and the weather was AWESOME!

 Lainey and I shared a corn dog.  Loved it!
 Outside the DNR building they had a little pond with ducks, geese, a swan and turtles!  
 I was overly excited about the ducks.  We had been walking for quite some time and I was thinking Lainey was getting bored so I tried to amp up the excitement level.  Didn't work obviously... she's looking at me like I'm nuts.
 The Animal Learning Center was our favorite building.  We saw these baby chicks, sheep and lambs, goats and kids and turkeys!  
 Lainey's a little farm hand in the making.
 One reason Jed was excited to attend the fair on this particular day was that Boyz II Men was performing on the free stage (mostly to be funny, I don't think he'd actually say he was a true fan... maybe I'm wrong).  We didn't really think we'd end up staying this late, but we were having such a great time so we headed over that way right when the concert was beginning.  It was bonkers - thousands and thousands of people- but we caught a quick glimpse and let Lainey rock out a little to their sweet jams.... She just really likes music!
After walking almost all the way to our exit, Jed's search for cheese curds was coming up empty but as luck would have it, Lainey fell asleep in the stroller so we were able to walk ALLLLL the way back to the cheese curds without a meltdown (YAY!).  By this time too, the sun was going down and the crowds were clearing a bit so it wasn't so crazy.  I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed a few cheese curds as well :)

My 28 week pregnant self feels like I got hit by a truck but it was totally worth it!  The Iowa State Fair - Nothing Compares!

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