Monday, December 12, 2011


Lainey Charlotte is 4 MONTHS old today! If I have done my math right (and as a former 5th grade teacher, I would hope I did), she is 1/3 of the way to ONE YEAR! I can't believe how fast the past 4 months have gone! Lainey is a complete blessing and it is a JOY to be her Momma!

Lainey is getting to be SO much FUN! Her sweet smile are the best and her giggles are even better! Right now, she LOVES playing underneath her gym and is getting really good at pushing herself around in her exersaucer. She loves to be held on your lap to stand up and will NOT let you hold her cradled in your arms like a little baby. She has no interest whatsoever in rolling over, even though we try to help her. She is getting really good at starting to grab a toy you dangle in front of her and loves, loves, loves to get those fists and fingers in her mouth. She is still eating really well and will let me know when it's been 3 hours and it's time to eat again, almost on the dot. She's sleeping GREAT at night (usually 9-10 hours) and is learning to fall asleep on her own for naps.
I am really looking forward to her 4 month doctors appt in a couple of weeks to see how much she weighs and how LONG she is. She still fits into some of her 3 month clothes, but is mostly in 3-6 mo or 6 mo things (depending on the brand). I am NOT looking forward to more shots but I know she is a tough little cookie and will be just fine. I am so thankful for her health - she hasn't had anything but just a little runny nose so far.
I hate that she's getting bigger but I love it at the same time. Each month, week and even DAY brings something new for her to discover and gives me even greater reason to be thankful for her and to look forward to watching her grow.

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