Friday, September 2, 2011


One of the first thoughts that I had when Lainey was born was how fun it was going to be for her and our nieces Claire and Jaylen to be so close in age! Holidays with the family will never be the same! Lainey is also blessed to have lots and lots of clothes passed on from Claire as well! It's fun to put her in the little outfits that I remember seeing Claire in not so long ago! Jed and I stopped at Kohl's this week and of course I just had to walk through the baby girl clothes! It's so fun to do that now that she's here. I will say that we saved A LOT of money not finding out the gender, not to mention the excitement in the delivery room, but truly all we bought before she was born was one boy outfit and one girl outfit! We were handed down some gender neutral things and then Emily brought TONS of girl clothes the weekend she was born so we were really set! Anyway, I've only bought her 3 things so far, summer things on clearance. This yellow romper below is just adorable. It's a 3 month outfit so it's still pretty big but I just had to put her in it to see what it looked like! As it turned out, Claire has the same one! How cute are these cousins?!?
We also Skyped with Em and Claire the other morning. It was so fun! Claire LOVES to Skype and she was very excited to see Lainey and blow her lots of kisses! Thank goodness for technology!

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