Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Bees

That's what I feel like we have been over the past week. Miss Lainey is 4 weeks old today. Her 3rd week of life was full of family, new friends and FUN! I now understand what new moms are so busy doing all of the time. Taking care of a newborn is a lot of work! Yes, they do sleep a lot but not always for long periods of time and there is just a lot to figure out. I feel like Lainey is only slightly less of a mystery to me today than she was the day we brought her home. Some things about her and tendencies she has are getting more consistent... but not always. She's predictable about some things (crying when she's hungry, liking to hang out in just her diaper, etc.) and really unpredictable about others (sleep schedule, eating habits, etc.). This week I felt a little more comfortable taking her out and doing more things with her. So here's a recap of all that we did...!

My parents came down to visit over Labor Day weekend. They just can't get enough of their grand-daugheters ... understandably! Lots of baby holding and baby watching on Saturday, then church and on Sunday we went to Knoxville to my Grandma Charlotte's for Sunday dinner with some more family!
This was so cute - my Dad was rubbing her sweet chubby cheeks and she was LOVING it!
Sleeping with Great Aunt Barb
Snuggling with Great Uncle Bill

On Monday, my parents stopped through on their way back to Minnesota and then in the evening, Lainey made her first trip out to Jordan Park camp for grilling and volleyball for Andy's birthday. She LOVED being outside and watching the sky and the trees and watching people look at her, ha.
On Tuesday, we visited my friend and former co-worker Angela and her boys Troy and Wesley. Little Wesley was born 6 days after Lainey. On Wednesday, my friend Julie came over with her little man Oscar to play. Lainey mostly slept. Then, we headed to the hopsital to meet Lainey's new friend Mia Rude who was born on Tuesday! Yeah! On Thursday morning, we went over to the Richey's to play with Kaisa and JJ. JJ is 10 days older than Lainey. Thursday evening, we went to the hospital to meet the third Bible study baby, Lainey's other brand new friend Penelope Laehn who was born on Wednesday. This was very exciting and so surprising - all 3 of the babies in due in our Bible study were GIRLS (we only knew that Mia was a girl)! As previously mentioned, I was convinced Lainey was a boy and Tim thought their baby was also a boy. We were both so wrong. And now we've got 3 girls to add to our Bible study fun! Finally, this morning we rounded out our busy week of fun with a nice long walk outside with Kristy and Amaia. Sadly, I got pictures of zero of these events! I will have to get better about that!
We did take a few pictures at home last night...
Lainey's new toy! I really wanted a fancy one from Target that I found online, but I stopped into Once Upon A Child and found this one for just 12 dollars. Considering how long she'll probably be entertained by it, I think I made the right choice.
Playing with Mom
Lainey watched her first NFL game last night. Much to my dismay and Jed's excitement, it was a Packer game and yes, the Packers did win. He is bound and determined that she will be a Packer fan.
Sometimes when Lainey has a belly ache or is fussy in the evenings, Jed holds her like this and funny enough, she really loves it. I think she just loves being held by her Dad!

To continue the busy fun, we are going to a wedding tonight - our first as a family of 3. Congratulations to Yvonne and D'Angelo! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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  1. ha. i love the way Jed holds Lainey. She looks so relaxed :) Oh and Amaia is going to be a packers fan too, so maybe they can watch games together. Go pack go!! ;)