Friday, August 19, 2011

The joys of Fatherhood.

Well the time has come for Papa Bobblehead to chime in again and leave my two sense worth on the blog. It still seems pretty weird to be a Dad but at the same time I never thought I'd be able to stare at this

for 10 solid minutes with out a break. (I know she's adorable right?" Look at me, using words like adorable)That said, despite having the week off, it has been one wild ride and I've probably learned more I the last week about babies than I have in the past twenty nine years. That said, it's pretty amazing what the Lord was working on inside that previously posted belly. To think, all this, in Sarah's belly!

Anyways, I thought this would be a good time to use the next few entries to go over a few quick do's and don'ts for new or soon to be fathers. First off, for the soon to be fathers, (if you don't know the gender), know that, although it may look like it, your child is not an alien. NOT. Don't freeze up on the gender ID and allow the Doc to hold the baby upside down for a good 10 seconds before you mumble out it's a girl (or boy). It is NOT an alien. Outside of that, it's pretty cool to see all the nurses rush in like a SWAT team clad in scrubs. But all in all it was a pretty smooth experience, and although Sarah was sad to say good bye to the round the clock room service (we didn't even have that on the honeymoon) we got to come home after just two days and start being "real" parents. This brings me to the first don't on the list.

In addition to giving you hands the Lord gave you eyes, use them.

The most helpful thing I've learned thus far is the diaper check. I've come to realize there is a lot of slack in the diaper, which allows the changer to pull it away from the leg and check the contents with your eyes. Not only this, depending on the diaper, a handy yellow strip that turns green when wet, amazing, I know. I thought they only had technology on Glad freezer bags.

However, as not to ramble, the number one don't of the week. Trying to be the helpful husband that I am, (or try to be), checked the diaper to help out my exhausted wife. DO NOTcheck the diaper with your finger. Seriously, all it gets you is an index finger covered in poo, a lot of poo (I'm talking about a spoon full of butterscotch). However if you're the proud owner of this sneaky rascal:

he makes off with a tasty snack and tries (and in my case succeeds), to plant a big kiss on your face about 10 minutes later. I think the moral of this story is this: look before you leap, or in Simon's case, put the money (poo) where your mouth is.

I'm sure this won't be the last poo laden error (or Simon's last snack) so I'm sure there will be plenty more to come in my adventures as a new Dad.

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