Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Out the Door

Thus far, I've found one of the most challenging things about having 3 kids to be going ... anywhere.  We function pretty well inside these 4 walls but getting us all out the door is not an easy task!  I think this would be hard no matter what, but adding the fact that it's winter to the mix means we all need coats, scarves, boots/shoes, kids need mittens and hats (and you KNOW I'm putting those things on more than once because it takes SO long that at least one of them has taken them off in the process of leaving), diaper bag (with Wyatt diapers, Tiegan diapers, a blanket, wipes, a few toys and snacks... always snacks), water bottles, etc... OH and keys and phone, definite necessities!

Because I feel like I have conquered the world every time we do get out the door, it usually requires a picture to prove it.

After Tiegan's first doctor visit when she was 6 days old, we headed straight to our chiropractor Dr. Ann!  She confirmed Tiegan's perfection and gave her her first adjustment!

One night all 5 of us went to Target and Jed and I decided to divide and conquer, boys vs. girls.

We have had our preschool group a few times since Tiegan was born too.  It's always a little bit of a juggling act but we make it work.  I love these ladies and their kids and it's really always the highlight of our week to enjoy their company and watch our kiddos learning together.

I hesitate to post this one... how embarassing, but this is what happens to my living room when Jed plays in the band at church and I'm responsible for getting us all fed, dressed (semi-well) and out the door by 9:45.

I noticed one week by Wednesday we were all going a little bonkers and the kids were bouncing off the walls.  So the next day we went to the library!  I had avoided the library the last few months of my pregnancy because I literally could not waddle after Wyatt any more and losing a child at the downtown library is one of my worst fears.  It was actually a really great outing.  Tiegan slept most of the time and we got lots of new books to enjoy the next few weeks.

What's even better than just getting out is actually getting OUTSIDE!  Before all of this snow got dumped on us, we had a few really awesome days of 40s and 50s and SUN!  I wrapped Tiegan up in the moby and we walked down the street to the big open field and the dirt piles where they dump the dirt when they dig a foundation for a new house.  This is noteable because this is usually a DADDY thing, NOT a Mommy thing.  Daddy lets us go crazy outside and get extra dirty.  Mommy is usually full of "be careful"'s and "watch out for the mud!" But this time I let it go and got to just say yes.  We all had an awesome time.  The fresh air was just what we needed.

We also enjoyed an outing to the zoo with our friends Allison and Gwen the other day.  It was such a nice day we ran into several other friends too!  I was really proud and impressed with how great my big kids did walking the whole trip and staying close without the stroller!  There was no complaining even in the absence of snacks and water bottles!

Jed had the idea to go to the mall the other night, which normally would be pretty fun but it was CRAZY busy so instead of enjoying the train table at the book store, we got ice cream, which the kids probably enjoyed more.  Tiegan was, as you can see, not impressed.
I'm sure one day I'll look back at this and laugh at myself, whether it be when/if we have more kids or just when I'm more seasoned at life.  For now, I'm going to pat myself on the back and do my best to be thankful for our days at home and the outings we enjoy together, no matter how stressful they seem!

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