Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The 5 of us!

Here is a little peak of life for the Johnsons as a family of 5 so far...

This was our first few minutes home from the hospital.  I love the pride beaming from her face.  She LOVES her sister!

I almost always have a buddy during any given part of the day.  I'm not sure if they want to be closer to me or to Tiegan but it's sure sweet.  Lots of requests to hold her and kiss her and share things with her!

Jed is bound and determined to get this baby to take a bottle so we've done one almost every day since being home and she is doing GREAT!

Lots of cuddling and snuggles!

Christmas Eve morning her umbilical cord stump fell off and then she peed all over herself and her clothes so we decided it was bath time!  She loved it!  It was so calming to her and she did awesome, which is good because with all of that hair, she's going to need baths more than the other two did as infants.  See my buddy there helping me out? :)  

More snuggles!

More holding!

More buddy time during feedings!

I think this picture represents life as the third child well.  Just trying to catch a nap in my mom's lap while amongst the chaos of opening presents on Christmas morning!

Things are going pretty well here at home, despite some night time day time confusion, which is to be expected.  I am soaking up and enjoying the snuggles, even if they are at 1 am!

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