Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life lately {November}

Life with 2 (almost 3!) kids just doesn't slow down.  We like it that way around here.  We enjoy our busy, fun filled weeks.  I can't believe how quickly November passed us by!
When I take out a learning activity, no matter what it is, Lainey just devours it.  I love this about her.  I was busy folding laundry the other morning and let her do her thing with these letter tracing cards.  Back in September, she was really slow with these.  I don't mean that in a bad way, because it was new to her and even holding a writing utensil was not very natural.

It's incredible what can change in just a few months.  She worked much faster and traced, then wrote her letters more efficiently, even grasping her pen correctly.  It was so fun and encouraging to watch!

Wyatt is a riot right now.  110% boy, loves his momma, loves his trucks, trains and cars and LOVES to nap.  I cannot believe how big he looks in this picture.  I know he's 2 but he is just still my baby.

Wyatt did his annual croupy cough in the middle of the night a few weeks ago.  This time I had a few tricks up my sleeve and didn't panic and drive like a maniac to the ER.  Luckily he improved and we held out until our doctor's office opened the next morning.  He just took a day or two to recover so I am hoping mayyyyybe he will grow out of this tendency.  I was also thankful to (hopefully) get it out of the way before the baby arrives.

He's pretty much attached to my hip most of the time when we're home.  He's constantly grabbing his blankies and climbing into my lap for a snuggle and is more and more interested in things I'm doing in the kitchen, helping with chores, etc.

Our community group and our church held two different events this past year to pack shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child.  This is such a fabulous ministry to be a part of and support and it was really fun to involve the kids more this year, especially Lainey.  She carefully packed at least 8 boxes herself this year, meticulously choosing each and every item and making cards to put in them too.  Such a fun way to teach kids about the blessing of giving to those in need!

November brought us a couple of fun snow falls and our kids LOVED every second of it!

Love those red cheeks after playing outside!

And hot chocolate is a must!

And this is how we ended many, many November days.  To say we are excited and ready for her arrival is an understatement!

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