Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Great Outdoors

What a funny Spring it has been here in Iowa!  There have been a handful of beautiful teaser days amidst mostly miserable, chilly, windy ones.  On those nice days, we just couldn't justify staying inside!
How glorious to be out on the deck again!  It's so nice to let the kids out there while I make dinner.
Just shooting some hoops!
The windy days have been good for flying kites at least!
She's NEVER liked swinging until recently.  I'm trying to teach her how to pump.  Isn't it funny to teach kids something that seems so innate and natural?
We found a really great and fun park on the East side that is a natural playscape.  Lainey had a blast climbing and being super brave.  Wyatt was a little more cautious, which SO isn't like him!  It was funny to see them swap roles.
He did enjoy our picnic lunch of course :)
Just running free on a beautiful day!

Even though we woke up to snow one day this week, I am confident that it will really feel like actual spring here soon.  Looking forward to enjoying the great outdoors this spring and summer with my favorite little explorers!

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