Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Funny things (well, maybe just to me)

There are so many funny and precious things about our kids right now, I wanted to document a few for my memory....

Lainey, at 21 months, you...

-love to pretend to go places.  Every time we ask you where you're going to gleefully reply, "HyVee!"  We don't even go to HyVee all that often, but it is surely your favorite place.
-just learned to say, "Ow!" and I hear it constantly.  Even when I'm not touching you, which leads me to believe you don't understand the meaning of the word :)
-love to ask, "Momma/Daddy/Baby Wyatt, (where) are you?"  Always concerned about what's going on.
-are less interested in your ABCs than you were a few weeks ago at the moment but you can count to 7.  You also know most of your shapes and all of your colors.
-start every sentence about yourself with, "Lainey...." instead of "I"

-call pants "pantsies" and it's so cute.
-repeat whatever word or phrase you're saying over and over and over again until we affirm what you've just said.  It's precious and a little bit annoying, mostly because you never really stop talking so, it's just going, going, talking, talking all day long.

-continue to be an early riser.  Like, some days you're up with the sun, which is too early.  Therefore, some days, you do this around 10 AM... and on Sunday, you slept on your Daddy's chest all through church.

Wyatt, at 6.5 months, you...

-are not quite getting the hang of solid foods.  At all.  I've tried sweet potatoes and rice cereal and you just don't really get it.  You're more excited about rice cereal but most of it ends up on your bib.
-are scrappy.  I'm not sure how else to put it.  You're just way more aggressive than your sister was.  You will lunge forward with your full body weight to get whatever you are eyeing.  I think you will crawl much earlier than your sissy did.

-love to jump in the Johnny Jump up!  LOVE.
-are loving life now that you can sit up all by yourself and love sitting in the cart at the store.  I am loving not lugging around that infant carrier.
-still just smile ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Your smile just lights up a room.

See?  They are totally precious!
Feeling blessed during this crazy, fun, challenging, (sometimes) sleepless season of life!

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