Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day weekend

We got to spend an extra long long weekend in Minnesota for Labor Day the past several days.  We wanted to take one more trip before I get way too uncomfortable for a road trip and before baby boy comes and do a few things as a family of 3!  We ate lots of delicious meals and enjoyed lots of relaxing down time too.  It's always a great time to visit my parents - they take care of us so well!

We hit Como Park Zoo which I would HIGHLY recommend!  1) It's (technically) FREE! (There is a suggested donation at the entrance)  2)  It has a lot of the "good" zoo animals that kids like to see like giraffes, zebras, seals and polar bears!  3) It's not huge and you can see almost everything in about 2 hours or less!
Lainey is getting to a SUPER fun age for zoo trips.  She loves animals and she pointed at everything, called it a "dog" and shouted out lots of "OOOHs!"  It was so adorable!

Look at that polar bear!  That is her favorite animal in her Little People Zoo toy she got for her birthday.

See?!?  "Oooooh!"

Gotta love a little group photo op!

Doing LOTS of walking these days!
  Lainey's favorite item of the weekend was this little rocking chair at my mom and dad's.  My parents recently cleaned out the attic and found all kinds of treasures! 

She has the funniest expressions.

 Little stinker wouldn't touch the sweet corn on the cob but enjoyed it on her tray!

My parents live in a neighborhood of townhouses with an awesome playground down the street!  Lainey tolerated the swings on this particular night. 
 She's always loved books but just in the past week she's really be interested in actually listening to you read the book to her rather than just flipping through the pages.  She's also started backing her little tush up to sit in your lap which is just about the sweetest thing ever.

Seriously?!  That face!
 Another gem my parents found in their attic were some baby blankets from when my sister and I were born.  We laid them all out and Lainey had the best time crawling and walking back and forth on her blanket path.  It was so cute!
Blessed to take one last trip as a family of 3 and to spend it with my parents.   Loved that Jed could take a day off too so our weekend was extra long.  Lainey enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa's attention and adoration just as much as they enjoyed giving it to her!  Great long weekend!

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