Wednesday, November 9, 2011

that white stuff

You know what I'm referring to... That 4 letter word that describes the midwest's weather pattern for about 4 months out of the year. We had our first sighting of it over night. I actually woke Jed up to see it around 3:30 am. I'll admit that I think it LOOKS very pretty and pristine after a snow fall but I'm not necessarily looking forward to lugging around a baby in a car seat all winter long. I am VERY thankful to not have to make the long commute to Hartford every day. Lainey and I can have a "snow day" and snuggle together every time it snows if we so please! There definitely is an element of snow that kids can enjoy - I know I spent hours playing outside in the snow during my childhood but for this winter, Lainey will have to enjoy it by looking out the window. Jed took her to the window this morning to show her her very first snow fall...! (And Simon's...)

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