Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkins galore!

Lainey has really been enjoying her first FALL season! We've gone on a few walks on the days that aren't too chilly and instead of falling asleep while in her car seat in the stroller, she's very wide eyed and loves looking at the trees. She also told me she LOVES when her Momma drinks Caramel Apple Spices from Starbucks, go figure!

Last weekend, we went to Cedar Rapids to visit Jed's sister, her husband, their daughter and Jed's parents who were in town. Lainey did a fabulous job (sleeping) on the 2 hour drive over and back and I LOVED having the uninterrupted chat time with my husband! Lainey is becoming very observant and is really loving watching and staring at things so she loved getting to watch her cousin running around. She was SO good - she didn't fuss or cry at all the whole 4 hours we were there and didn't mind who was holding her how how close her cousin got in her face!
Uncle Justin and Auntie Cate spending some time talking to her and getting some smiles!Snuggling with Grandma!
We realized both Lainey and Jaylen were going to be PUMPKINS for Halloween so we got them dressed up to take a few pictures! The two cutest little pumpkins ever!One minute Lainey was awake...And the next she was asleep!Uncle Jed teaching Jaylen to put silly things on her head.

On Halloween, we did a little dressing up and Momma went a little crazy with the pictures...
At first she wasn't really very interested...
But then she woke up!
Her expressions really make me laugh.


I feel like she looks SO big in this last picture! I promise she's not really sitting up, I just propped her up and she stayed like that for about 5 seconds.

Thanks, once again, to my sister for the pumpkin costume and the funny ghost shirt. Lainey would be naked all of the time if it weren't for you, Em!


  1. Love all the pumpkin pictures! So cute

  2. She is so precious Sarah. I'm thinking Titan and Lainey need another date soon! And of course we would have to be there to keep them in line!