Wednesday, April 13, 2011


  • Simon may just be the smartest dog on the planet. I'm NOT saying that to brag because to be honest, I am not his biggest fan, however it seems he has figured out how to open doors. He has his own "room" in the basement - a big, open space that you'd think would be great fun for a puppy to run around in. Sadly, he truly hates it and avoids going down there in the morning when we leave for work. A few different times, we have come home and been greeted by Simon at the front door. HOW DOES HE DO IT?!? How does he get out? The door to his room latches and has an old jiggly handle. My theory is this ... he is really good standing on his hind legs - he will let you grab his front paws and dance around (Jed does this frequently) and loves to pounce up on you for a greeting (we're working on that one...). One day he wasn't being very patient to get outside and the door was slightly cracked so he got up on his hind legs and used his front paws to swing the door open. I think he probably works in this way to open the basement door. I SO wish we could put up a camera to record just how he does it but that is my theory.
  • I get to see Emily and Claire bear in just over 2 weeks when I go home to Minnesota for my baby shower! WOWOW! Here's a sweet picture to remind you all of how cute she is...
  • I am 24 weeks today! 24 weeks divided by 4 weeks per month = 6 months! How wonderful! It's weird to think that I'm closer to the end than to the beginning. I know August will come quickly. We are beginning to work on the baby's room and trying to make some decisions about names. Any suggestions? :)


  1. I have lots of good girl names if you want to hear them... not sharing any boy names. We can't even come up with one!

  2. I have some good boy name ideas that you can have probably. My problem is that I like a lot of names that start with an "h", but it sounds to matchy, matchy with our last name :)