Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Jed and I made the best out of an unfortunate situation today. We had planned on heading to northern (and I mean NORTHERN) Wisconsin to visit Jed's parents for Thanksgiving. Sadly, a big freezing rain/ice/snow storm hit pretty much all the way up 35 N from northern Iowa to Duluth. Tuesday night we thought we might need to change our plans and I had Jed go out and buy a turkey, just in case... not that I knew anything about making a turkey!! So, Wednesday night we knew we'd be staying here in Des Moines so we headed out to the stores to pick up a few things for all of the essential Thanksgiving foods.
Word to the wise: Don't go to the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving. We must have lapped HyVee 3 times looking for stuffing. Not just any stuffing, but a verrry particular kind of stuffing per the request, no, demand of Jed. :) Who knew the man had such strong feelings about stuffing? And fruit salad? Wow. I've learned a lot about my husband in the past 24 hours! :)
So, this morning I may or may not have had to drag my lovely husband out of bed (cough::@ 9 am::cough) so we could get started...
cooking, baking, mixing, basting, spreading, mashing, boiling, simmering, etc.
Here are some pictures from our day of fun. It sure was a lot of work but we were able to have a special guest (shout out to Kelli) over for lunch and it was really fun!
All of the ingredients! (Note the stuffing debate)

Super pumped.
I made this reeeeally awesome recipe I found on Iowa Girl Eats for cranberry chutney. You can find the recipe here. Seriously, it was maybe my favorite part of the meal.

Ahhh. Cooking away!
Time to come out!
The table is set!

We each have our own post Thanksgiving meal traditions... His:
Speaking of these crazy Black Friday ads ... I better get some sleep! We are heading to Kohl's @ 3, Target and Younkers at 4 and then home to sleep shortly after! :)

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