Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's Thanksgiving Eve!

Jed and I (mostly me) did some decorating for Christmas last weekend BECAUSE we were SUPPOSED to be in Minnesota right now hanging out with my mom and then leaving for Wisconsin in the morning. Unfortunately, northern Iowa and pretty much all of Minnesota (at least along I-35) got blasted with some ice and snow so we decided to stay in Des Moines. It's our first Thanksgiving as a family and we are excited to spend it together. Jed's parents will be down sometime this weekend so we will get to see them and Jed's sister, brother in law and our niece too. Yes!

Anyway, here are some fun shots of our decorating. I really love Christmas and the holidays and I was so excited to decorate some in our first house. Especially thankful for my fabulous fireplace! :)

Bo and I had a crafting afternoon last Saturday. I turned my fall wreath into a Christmas wreath by adding some green felt and then some red and white berries ghat I got at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents! I love it!
These are hand painted carolers that Jed's great Grandma painted and I think they are SO cute!
Leftover wedding centerpieces + 50 cent Hobby Lobby berries = Mantle decorations!
This is another gem from Jed's Christmas box. This is a super antiquey looking advent calendar that Jed's grandma got somewhere in Europe. It's the sweetest thing with the little pop open windows! I need to find a better spot for it.
The mantle in all it's glory! I love my stockings. My Aunt Barb bought them for me one year on our girl's Chicago trip!
This is a lovely ceramic tree that my Grandma Carey gave me a few years back. It is probably my favorite Christmas piece. It's so fun to take out of the old box and put all of the little lights in it. It's like a light bright! And then you flip it on and it's sooo pretty!
My cheerful helper!

Final product. This picture does not do it justice.

I will be sure to mentally document all of the hilarity that is guaranteed to ensue tomorrow as we make our first Thanksgiving meal together and update the blog again soon!

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  1. I just love those wreaths!! You are so stylish in your craftiness and my parents have a ceramic tree like yours :) I Hope your first try at cooking Thanksgiving goes well!!! If you end up hungry call me and you can come over my parents house :)