Monday, December 14, 2015

Lainey is 4!

Lainey turned 4 on August 12th!  This age and birthday was so fun because she had a very real awareness of birthdays, gifts and what a special thing it was - way more than last year.  We counted down the days and built up lots of excitement.  I love celebrating my kids!
I love morning Lainey - crazy hair and all.

This doll wasn't something she asked for but she was so excited that she had blonde hair and brown eyes, just like her!

I took Wyatt to pick out some birthday gifts just for his big sis and he did a great job.  He knew all of the girlie things she would love!  He was so proud to give her her presents.

Auntie Em sent some outfits and accessories for her new doll which were a huge hit!
We did a family morning trip to Ledges State Park to walk the creeks.

And her birthday lunch of choice, Hickory Park!

We got cleaned up, played with some of her new toys and got ready to head downtown for the State Fair parade!  

What could be better than a parade on your birthday with your bestie!?

L requested a giant birthday cookie instead of cake this year and it turned out great.  

Birthday posts to reflect on 0, 1, 2 and 3...

Lainey is a true blessing in every sense of the word.  I cannot imagine our family without her as the leader of our little pack.  She is considerate and gives so much grace.  She is the absolute sweetest big sister and a wonderful helper.  She is so bright and loves to learn.  I can't wait to see what life with a 4 year old has in store for us!

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