Sunday, June 14, 2015

February & April Minnesota Trips

[Seems a little bit silly to be blogging about something so long ago but I already had the first part of the post nearly done and then decided to just lump two posts together so I'm just gonna roll with it...]

We planned a trip up to Minnesota for mid February since it had been awhile since we had visited and we had a new family member to introduce!

All of my kids were excellent travelers.  I've learned a few tricks over the years and that is a) travel during nap time and b) snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Ma is an expert garage sale and swap site shopper and has collected tons of fun toys, puzzles and books for the kids to enjoy when we visit.

I do believe Tiegan has a soft spot for her Papa and the feeling seems to be mutual.

We were excited to spend some time with Grandma Carey while we visited.  I love watching my kids with her.  

Tiegan is her 14th great grandchild!

Tiegan was just starting to smile during this visit but we had to work pretty hard to work them out of her!

We took the girls one afternoon to the IKEA and the Mall with it ALL because we had promised Lainey a trip to Lego Land.  Surprisingly, she didn't remember the existence of the Disney store (thank goodness) and we had a fun time.

We are just entering the Lego love years but I have a feeling we will all enjoy them as time goes on.  It is so fun to watch their minds explore and create such intricate things.

Working on her new set when we got back to my parents.

The ride home was another adventure but we made it safe and sound.

A couple months later we ventured north again, this time to go to my cousin Kelsey's bridal shower.
We typically pit stop at a McDonalds for bathroom breaks, feeding the baby and smoothies.

Once we arrive, the first question is usually, "Can we go to the park?"  My parents live in a townhouse association with a really nice park next to it and the kids love walking down there.

She's always happy to be along for the ride!  Such a joyful little go with the flow baby.

My parents make it easy for us to visit, even with 3 kids.  It's a tight squeeze, but there's beds/cribs/pack and plays for everyone and my kids typically sleep pretty well there!

Papa makes the BEST breakfasts!

My cousin Kelsey's shower was so fun and it was great to see some extended family and introduce them to Tiegan.  Lainey absolutely adored following around my cousins big girls.  They were so sweet to her and included her all day.

Abigail and Isabel (top R and L) were our flower girls in our wedding 5 years ago.  They are growing up to be lovely young ladies!

Had to round out the day with one more park trip!

I wish my parents (and Jed's too) lived closer but it sure is fun to make a big trip out of visiting them for the weekend!  Love my little travelers!

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