Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas - Version 2010

Jed and I had a wonderfully blessed first Christmas together as "the Johnson's." We headed north to celebrate with my family this year. The special treat of the year was that Emily, Bud and baby Claire were able to be home for Christmas too! Claire was a big hit and had her best Christmas EVER! I'm convinced I have the cutest nieces in the whole world. Some of you may disagree, and that's okay because I'm pretty sure EVERY aunt thinks that. Anyway, we forgot to take pictures when Jed and I exchanged gifts before we left for Minnesota but it was very fun. We both got each other sweaters, which was kind of funny and a few other little things. One of my TOP FAVORITE gifts of the year...
It's so good. Really.
Jed has been trying to convince me that we need a dog. I'm trying really hard to stand my ground but I gave in and got him...
:) He didn't think I was quite as clever as I thought I was.
Once we got to Minnesota, we did A LOT of baby holding and baby watching and not a lot else. Here's the proof:

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Day...
Ready to open some presents!
Jed's stocking loot!
I get Bud a tshirt every year from Raygun in the East Village. He LOVES them!Dad got a camera!
Mom's just happy to be holding Claire bear.
Claire got a VERY fancy hat. Perfect for tea parties.
Some fun books!
She REALLY liked her "lovie."

We also played a lot of euchre and ate LOTS of yummy food! Tomorrow we head to Omaha to go to our church/association of church's annual winter conference, FAITHWALKERS! We are so pumped!
Last but not least, Claire would like to say...
Peace on earth! :)

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