Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have something to blog about! I'm not saying that I don't live a terribly exciting life (because I do! :) but the real reason I love looking at other people's blogs is to look at their pictures. And I had a dead camera for the past month or so, therefore, hadn't taken any pictures. I think my camera battery charger got left in Lake Tahoe and I kept forgetting to look for a new one and finally bought one on Amazon last week.
I NEEDED my camera to take to Minnesota this past weekend for my sister, Emily's baby shower.
I also NEEDED a camera to take pictures of our first niece, Jaylen, who was born on Friday! We had a baby crazy weekend. Jed was a good sport! :)
Emily's shower was so fun! Our cousin, Betsy and aunts Barb and Tammy always throw fabulous showers with fun games and really great food! Here are a few pictures from Emily (and baby Claire's) special day!
Izzy and Abby are so fun. Abby wanted to know if baby Claire was wearing a dress. They love to celebrate at showers and they are professional flower girls. Abby keeps saying to her Mom, "Hey Mom, remember Jed?" to which she responds, "Yes, I do." And then Abby adds, "He was at Sarah's wedding!" :)
These baby cookies were SO cute! And very delicious.
Emily and baby Claire got a lot of cute gifts including a youth soccer ball and baby hockey skates! If you know her father at all, you know she'll be a tough little punkin. The theme of the shower was BOOKS so everyone brought them a book. There were so many people at the shower, but NO ONE got her the same book! How fun!
Don't be mad Emily! I just think this picture is too funny not to share. I think Emily was contemplating the answer to the Jeopardy question, "What bone body part is a baby NOT born with?" The options were: a)shoulder blades, b)kneecaps, c)tailbone ... there was some serious debate on this one but the answer is KNEECAPS! Izzy was obviously not worried about knowing the right answer.
Another great part of the weekend was that Emily's husband Bud was able to be in town and being a Marine, we don't get to see him as often as we'd like to! My mom was insistent on making sure we got some family pics after dinner on Saturday.

Jed's sister and brother in law, Cate and Justin welcomed their first baby on Friday! She's totally perfect in every way. We detoured on the way home from Minnesota today to visit them in Marion. Jed was pretty smitten with her and she was pleased with him too until he tried to put a stocking cap on her. She was not feeling that!
I couldn't get a good pic of all of the goofy faces he was making at her, but here's Uncle Jed, studying his new niece very intently!
Aunt Sarah!
She REALLY loved the swing we got her! Ahhh she's just so cute!

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